Resorts of North Muskoka


North Muskoka as a travel destination within the broader region of RTO12 has a unique product to offer. We worked with Explorers’ Edge and the 14 independent resort operators that make up the Resorts of North Muskoka to develop a strategic roadmap to build and promote North Muskoka as a unique travel destination.



The strategic plan included a branding strategy outlining a positioning statement, brand voice and target audience for North Muskoka. A six-point implementation plan was developed to bring the new brand to life that included key messages, a media channel plan and key metrics of success. The new positioning was brought to life through unique content – a series of stories that were promoted through Google and Facebooks ads. And finally the Resorts of North Muskoka’s website was updated to reflect the new branding strategy and content marketing strategy.


Examples of the Facebook ads that were produced for the campaign included ads for multiple target audiences across different tourism seasons.


Engaged Couples
Families with Children