Muskoka Tourism


Muskoka, known for its thriving cottaging industry, tourism related businesses, and large number of visitors has a seasonal sales cycle that only thrives for part of the year. The industry recognized its many competitive advantages but found that its growth was limited by its lack of a cohesive tourism development strategy, common marketing, and “every man for himself” business climate. Muskoka needed a branding strategy, including key messaging and an update to the visual identity with a more modern, refreshed look.



The associates from Impact & Main Inc. worked with the tourism industry, local businesses, and the different governments to develop a strategy designed to attract more visitors into the area through a more organized joint action amongst its many stakeholders. We worked with the local community to review Muskoka’s competitive advantages, looked at future visitation levels, and identified opportunities for growth as well as threats to the continued success of the area. We also reviewed the structure of the local tourism industry and how tourism-related decisions are made. Over the course of several months, we held public meetings, facilitated special issues focus groups, and worked with the steering committee to create broad buy-in for the process and the results of the project.


The branding strategy was aimed at developing the area for larger numbers of visitors as well as new target audiences including more US and international visitors. Perhaps even more important was how industry members could participate in marketing the area and in strengthening their relationships with others with a similar stake in the success of the strategy.


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